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  • CHEK Student Mentor & Coaching Session

    60 minute initial or ongoing mentorship sessions for students of CHEK
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly sessions available
    • Let Suzi guide you through your IMS training
    • Have your assessment questions answered
    • Get expert help on programing for your clients
  • Online Coaching with Suzi

    60 minute zoom session to chat about your injuries or rehab goals or if you're just starting out
    Valid for one month
    • Chat one on one with Suzi about your goals
    • Check in with Suzi about where you should start with the app
    • Specialist advice on your health and fitness journey
  • In Person Health Package

    Work with Suzi on your personal health and fitness goals at her Auckland studio
    Valid for 3 months
    • Full Assessment up to 2 hours
    • Program Design
    • Two one on one sessions to learn program - 2 hours
    • Hands on treatment - 1 hour
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